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        Address:West End of Shilipu Village, Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China
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        • Description: FL913 Cylinder Head
        • Part No.: 913-4
        • Views : 225

        Shijiazhuang huateng Power machine Co.,Ltd,was established in 1992,which is the oem manufacturer of complete engine and spare parts for DEUTZ.Such as crankshaft, camshaft, con rod, cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, engine valve, engine bearing, oil nozzle, oil seal, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, turbocharger, alternator, starter... We can provide the model of the product: F2L912, F3L912, F4L912, F6L912, F6L913, BF6L913, F6L413F, F8L413F, F10L413F, F12L413F, BF4M1013C, BF6M1013C, BF6M1015CP, BF8M1015CP. If you are interested in our products, we can order the preferential quotation to you. We hope we can have happy cooperation, If you want to know the particular products information, such as model or specification or price, please contact us. Welcome you to our factory.
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